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Social Media and Cyber Crimes: An Upgrade to the Law

Everyone has a social media or social networking account of some form, whether it is WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram or a combination of some or all of them, which may also be linked to each ether due to commercial partnerships between the companies that own them. Unless one is on a social [...]

Protecting Innovation in the ICT Sector

Since the mid-twentieth century, the rapid development of information and communication technology has led to a wide range of inventions such as the internet, mobile phones, cloud computing and digital media.  One of the most notable and significant inventions of the last two decades has been the development of the wireless network which significantly reduced [...]

Data Protection Act: A New Era for Data Privacy in Kenya

In this new digital era, it has become common for countries to put in place legal structures to regulate the processing and distribution of personal data. To this end, the Kenyan legislature recently enacted the Data Protection Act 2019 in a bid to protect citizen’s right to privacy as envisioned in the Kenyan Constitution. In [...]

Artificial Intelligence: Disruption in the Legal Profession

Artificial intelligence (also known as AI) is a modern analytics-crunching technological innovation that amplifies innate operations of a human being mainly using machines and software programmes. From self-driven cars, robot judges (an artificial intelligence software installed on a robot to predict the outcome of human rights cases with a staggering 79% accuracy) to SIRI (an [...]

How Kenyan Entrepreneurs can Legally Safeguard their Mobile App Idea

Kenya is growing fast as a technological hub within Africa, which has led to it being nicknamed the Silicon Savannah. As entrepreneurs seize opportunities to start businesses and innovate online, we are seeing the proliferation of a wide range of mobile apps developed and operated by Kenyans that are now available on well-known digital distribution [...]